Monday, 30 August 2010


We baked this stunner last night and took it work - its all gone. Some people went back for seconds and thirds - its sort of a cross between a mudcake and a brownie .. We didnt put the streusel topping on.. oh no, we were much more badder!

We topped it with a stunning ganache made from Phillys new Cream for baking.. Boil the cream hard, biff in a generous handful of milk chocolate buttons, then 50 grams of butter and 2tablespoons of icing sugar, let it cool and beat it till it goes pale.. Top the cake with it when cool.

The changes we made to the recipe to take it over the top and put it into the "evil as"
category was to was to put some choco chips in the main mixture and we didnt have buttermilk so we subbed it with milk ( non fat :-) ) and vinegar..

It is not for the feint hearted...

But damn it was good!

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