Friday, 20 August 2010


Well, well, we thought as much.. We have met few people we have loathed as much as Simon Ewing Jarvie.. He is a prize prick and as Whale has now shown - a duplicitious arse with an overblown sense of his own piss and importance.

He doesn't have much cred in Defence circles either..

Heather Roy had aspirations above her station and may well have been seduced by SEJ macho politiks. His fawning will have engorged her ego.

Rodney has not handled the aftermath of this all that well but as Whales info has shown - he is definitely not the villain of the piece.

Politics is a brutal business. And tough talking, tension and full and frank discussions can be found in all parties. ACT is no different in that regard.

However, we are not sure they can come back from the brink. We hope they can. We like the fact that they put a bit of steel in the economic spine of the country.

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