Monday, 2 August 2010


Dear John,

Nothing has distressed this blog more than your wobbles over Winston. We were thinkin about giving up our blogging clogs but the fact that you would even consider, even for a moment, giving Winston any credibility means that we still have a place in the blog world.

It's to remind you of the scullduggery, the lies, the double dealing, the troughing that is New Zealand First and its leader.

While we can understand that after watching the shenanigans over the ditch that politics is indeed a game where you can only bank on yesterday , but that does not give you a reason to eschew your principles. The VRWC blogs became a collective force only because we had one link in common - Not to see you elected but to ensure that Winston wasn't.

We are in no doubt that we had a fair bit to do with him spending a fair bit of time fishing these days.

So we dont want you to give the oxygen thief any oxygen. Ignore him. Please for the sake of all New Zealanders.

We promise never to mention that unmentionable thing if you promise never to mention Winston again.

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Anonymous said...

Does it surprise you? Whatever happened to 'I'd rather be a loser than a lier.' I suppose a taste of power has changed all that, and it's now power at all and any cost. Don't vote Winston - a vote for National, under pinko Key.