Monday, 23 August 2010


Heather Roy says there was never any improper relationship between her and her scuzball advisor Simon Ewing Jarvie.

Well, she maybe a lightweight politician but we have never take her for a liar. However women can do strange things under the spell of the lust fairy..

And quite frankly she still wanted to roll Rodney. She still had aspirations above her station. She still did not control her advisor.

So she should still resign.


Keeping Stock said...

Ah; so her car was parked outside SE-J's place the other night whilst she spent the night telling him off for leaking the Roy Dossier - hmmmmm

Anonymous said...


keep taking the viagra, it might just start working for you

Anonymous said...

Wow -way to apologise for your totally defamatory accusation, Brunette.

And Inventory2 - don't you claim to be a Christian? Time to start showing it, instead of continuing to allege an adulterous affair that has been denied.


What, are you going for the Trevor Mallard Award for Poltical Sewage Hurling?

LAMBCUT said...

From the Herald: "Commenting on innuendo about her friendship with Dr Ewing-Jarvie, Mrs Roy told the Herald in a statement: "I am not and never have had an inappropriate relationship (affair) with Simon Ewing-Jarvie."

Translation: I did not have sexual relations with that man.