Sunday, 21 December 2008


We saw this story today and it raised alarm bells.
A former gang leader and his missus seemed to have wangled some very interesting concessions out of WINZ. We are interested to see Harris is referred to as an ex gang leader. We doubt his connections are severed.
Kiwiblog suggests this is just the tip of the iceberg. Weird thing is we knew Darryl many many years ago. BB used to have a lot to do with gangs. He is a very interesting character - an ex carnival kid and one of the more complex characters we have met. Anyway the rumours are correct - his wife, won lotto - nearly half a mill - which was a lot in the early nineties . We are unsure if the woman mentioned today is still the same wife we met many years ago. Rumour has it that the Harris's bought a house in a nobby Christchurch area and seriously grumped up the neighbors.
He and his wife knew the welfare system inside out. So it comes as no surprise that he has managed to wheedle extra special treatment out of Winz - but I think that if the story is right then Minister Bennett is going to be very very cross indeed.


Anonymous said...

Good on you BB over on Kiwiblog no body was interested in the dots being joined up.
If you have a Chrysler 300 C you sure know the ropes at DSW in they get it out of impound for you.
Just like when your house has a fire and explosion or was it an explosion and then fire the nice DSW put you up at a nice motel

MacDoctor said...

Indeed, BB. As I commented on my blog, you have to wonder exactly what WINZ is doing with our money when they help a woman with a suspended license get her expensive car out of impound. What next? Will they be paying for an emergency manicure?

Anonymous said...

Actually I heard that they bought a house in a good neighbourhood with the lotto winnings and made a tidy profit when the neighbours bought the house back to get rid of them. Pretty annoyed that WINZ will finance the consequences of breaking the law - will they pay parking tickets and court fines too?

Anonymous said...

Work & Income have spent heaps trying to get rid of the label "WINZ" I once heard this referred to as shorthand for "winnners".