Monday, 15 December 2008


We dont often worry about Trotters Doolally blog but this one is a stunner.
It seems like Trotter thinks that the police should be watching the activist creeps after all .

Hell we reckon he will feel the wrath of the disenfranchised now.
If I was him I would have 24/7 security systems installed in my home. I would get a forensic computer specialist to take a look at my computer to see who is watching me and I would be very very careful walking the dog. And if I had a nice lawn I would check no- one has spelt out rude words in weed killer. I would not open the mail box without checking for human faeces. I would have a secure front door on my office where entry is only gained from someone unlocking it from the inside. I would be careful of plain envelopes with white powder. I would check that my children are not receiving filthy emails about me. I would get someone in to sweep my office every week or so for bugs.
Thiis is just a smattering of some of the things activists have done to law abiding citizens that we know well.

Trotter is very right - there are some nutters among the activists, they do have some interesting overseas connections, and you should be afraid of taking them on for fear of personal retribution.

Thank you Chris for being brave, and now maybe the media might realise that there are very good reasons why the police were keeping an eye on the creepy activists on the fringes of our good society.

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Trotter walk the dog????