Tuesday, 2 December 2008


We here at Roarprawn make no secret of it. If it is sustainable then harvest should be allowed no matter what the species. In the words of Sir Tipene O'Regan, why should we be so hung up on protecting " charismatic mega fauna." But the decision should be based on sound science.

Richard Long has penned, what we think is one of his finest columns, sometimes the old bugger gets a bit pious but this un's a good un, and its about Whales, trade, sovereignty and good sense.

He has come up with a solution that is simple and in a good world it should work - except that the egos and the pockets of the activists would never let it happen. That is- stop the protests. Let the diplomats come to a solution without the heat of protests.

Long also rightly points out that some species populations have grown so much that they offer a real concern to fish populations.

His column in the Dominion Post is here - its worth a read


Anonymous said...

I agree with Roarprawn's position on whaling, although the killing of such magnificant creatures does tug at my heart strings, but that's just my cultural bias. However, I am heartily sick of the worshipful ideation of these animals and the way they have been turned into mystical beings by the feral foolish of the world.

Anonymous said...

Whaling by the Japanese was a cultural activity till after WW2 when food shortages had to be alleviated. The victorious Allies basically forced it on the nation.

The heights of whaling were reached in 1962 when 262,000 tonnes were taken. Contrast that with todays catch of 850 Minke out of an estimated 600,000 plus in the Southern Hemisphere. Thats 0.1% of the total and about 4000 tonnes.

When it comes to spending billions on bullshit for a vanishingly small issue, whaling takes the cake.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, McCully is to take over the public comments on whaling for the new National Government. I understand that Conservation Minister Groser wants to play this down and make it a non-issue, especially since the Labour-Progressive Coalition totally screwed the issue and forced whaling to a position no sane or sensible ruling party would want. The anti-whaling policy of New Zealand is completely fraudulent and devoid of any sense at all. That's why Greenpeace aren't going to the Antarctic this year: hard to argue "endangered species" when minke whales are common as muck!

Anonymous said...

Don't expect the Australian government to stop Japanese whaling because the Japanese government knows that the Australians haven't a leg to stand on: