Monday, 1 December 2008


1)Remember the story that appeared in the Herald a couple of days after the election, that never really got legs because Key stitched together a govt faster than a Hong Kong Tailor can stitch together a suit, about the $100k that Vela gave both NZ First and Labour ?Well what we want to know is who is going to keep a track on what Winston does with it?

2) We know there are at least 4 more interviews with grumpy scampi skippers - when are they going to end up on U Tube?

3) How long will it be before we see the results on the inquiry into the Immigration /shane Jones/ Bill Liu passport for donation allegations?

4) Will there be any good stories being written after National has poached all the good journalists?

5) How many Ministers told Department CE's that their briefings to incoming Ministers were crap?

6) Which Wellington property developer has skiddy undies as the defaults on various transactions start to pile up?

7) Which PR company is so desperate to curry favour with its clients that its offering one hour " one on one insider briefings" to CE's for free even though they were Labour pets and have F***k all contacts in National?

8) How many massive government departments comms teams went through "restructuring" in the last 6 months and renamed some of their staff as information management or knowledge management, or other such weasel terms in an effort to hide them from any National departmental review?

9) Why were a bunch of Maori getting out of a Crown Car on the Wharf last Thursday when there was no Minister around? If it was good enough for Dame Whina to walk why can't they ?

10) Who wasn't at St Johns Bar on Friday Night Basking in the sun and does this mean that the " Drycleaners ( Dockside where you go to get a Suit) finally has some serious Friday night competition as the place to be seen and pick up a lazy shag on Friday night?

and yes big questions of the week will be a regular feature - feel free to send us contributions -

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