Tuesday, 9 December 2008


The Southland Times leads with a great story about Southland being named as one of the top 20 emerging destinations in the world.

It's recognition that is well deserved and overdue. My home province is breathtakingly beautiful. My favourite places are Stewart Island, Te Anau and the road from Riverton to Manapouri. But there are other great places. Like the Dunsdale Picnic area , the scene of many a wonderful childhood picnic and horse treks in the Hokonuis. It has easy and wonderful walks that meander along side a lovely blackwater stream.

And there is the isloated splendour of Oreti Beach - wild windy and wonderful.


Anonymous said...

It's good that people are beginning to recognize that there's more to the south than Queenstown and Milford Sound. We used to take holidays in Te Anau at the house the hospital owns - Very restful and plenty to do if you must.
Stewart Island will always be among my favorite memories - especially walking around Ulva Island being stalked by Wekas!

Anonymous said...

And, the children at Bluff. . .

Look you straight in the eye with their wide, open faces; honest and straight

"What's in yu'r bag, mister?" they call while tagging along. Genuine interest, too, their soft southern burrs a delight

"Where're yu'r come from?" and "Where're yu'r going?" they ask   — the little ones reaching up to touch my pack

Journeys in that part of the world hold special memories for me and these kids are a metaphor for all that good in the deep South

wino said...


I like those places as they are - barely inhabited, quiet and oldfashioned.

Why did every bastard have to find out about them?

Anonymous said...

don't tell everyone - the last thing we want at riverton is Auckland wankers!