Friday, 19 December 2008


We think this is just plain wrong.
We are pretty fond of rugby and the Maori Team has a special place in our hearts with us being Ngai Tahu and all that. So we are with the great Matt te Pou on this one. Is a bloody outrage.
However it does present some opportunities. Some enterprising Maori Trusts should have a yack with the RFU and take the risk of a tour on. I reckon with the right promotion it will be a bloody dead cert success.


Anonymous said...

Heck yea, who could forget the NZ Maori vs Lions game of not too long ago

Alan said...

just another racist sporting team
as is the hori part

Cactus Kate said...

Time your buddies in Ngai Tahu dipped into some of that Treaty Settlement dosh then BB to fund it.

A much larger travesty was the underfunding of the NZ womens rugby team.

One that actually wins World Cups!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with Rugby but if you are going to talk anbout teams not being funded - how about the NZ Womens Hockey Team being ditched by SPARC.

Anonymous said...

Christ - when will we get over the need to support racist activities. If maori want a rugby team then they can bloody pay for it of there isnt enough money in the pot. Jesus next thing theyll be wanting money for maori bowls team, maori sky diving team etc. etc. hey have to realise that special interest groups have to pay their own way.

Juses - gimme, gimme, gimme......