Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Paula Bennett might be part Maori but its clear she aint one for bullshit hui. She has given the Families Commission ( What the hell have they ever achieved????) a stern talking to about a big $200k talkfest they had planned. Its now not happening.
While we are at it, we here at Roarprawn reckon that Paula should disband the Commission and get the volunatry agencies to bid for the commisson money and give it to the ones with the best ideas. They voluntary agencies have the best networks, are at the coalface and know where the greatest need is.
Common sense will always win the day, Keep it Up Paula 10/10


peterquixote said...

yeah this is a good post

Anonymous said...

I aggree BB. Paula Bennett is a "breath of fresh air". Unfortunately I think the coalition agreement with Peter Dunne will stop her from axeing the Families Commission. Not stoping her clipping a good chunk off their wings though.

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure fbb. Peter Dunne is a one man band and National is not dependant on his support. So if he wants to stay a Minister he pretty well has to go along with such moves.

If he resigns his Ministerial posts in protest he becomes an even more obscure nobody.

euminedes said...

Yip PDM i agree - if i was the cash strapped voluntary sector - I would be collectively lobbying the govt with a plan. And if Dunne could be persuaded that the outcomes were better by using the volunatry sector expertise then the game is won.