Wednesday, 3 December 2008


From the Herald comes some words of advice .

All BB will say is it is wise advice. Be good at Xmas parties. No wearing a wee number that makes your cleavage look like a creamy abyss. No smoking dope or swallowing party drugs. No kissing in the lift or in the stationery cupboard. No late night clubbing and no sharing a cab home with your boss.

Staff members going to work Christmas parties this season could wake up with more than just a hangover, with infidelities "rampant" during the silly season, a private investigator warns.

A recent survey of 1168 workers by a condom manufacturer found 49 per cent would like to have sex at an office Christmas party given the opportunity.

With the combination of alcohol, reduced inhibitions and intention, large numbers of relationships will start to show the cracks of infidelity leading up to and during the Christmas and New Year period, private investigator Kerrie Pihema said.

"If you suspect your spouse of being romantically involved with someone at work, we strongly recommend you attend the office party," Ms Pihema said.

"Do not be put off by your partner suggesting the Christmas party is a `closed shop' or that you will not know anyone there. Arrange for a babysitter if you have children, wear your fancy attire and turn up."

She said if people had genuine concerns about their partner and workplace infidelity then Christmas parties were a source of information that may be "too valuable to your relationship to miss".

And as a matter of interest Kerrie Pihema is a top chick.


Cactus Kate said...

Ridiculous advice there.

Why would a spouse turn up to the office party? Nothing will happen if they are there...yawnsvile. And if you are the Boss and you wish to shag an employee or someone you shouldn't then you simply make the party, staff only with no spouses.

FAR better for a spouse then to send a PI to the office party and monitor the suspects behaviour.

If the spouse is actually conducting an affair the Xmas party is the last place to flaunt it. It's the after party when you meet up later or hell, even during the working day, that the spouse should be more concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Good God - what a load of old cobblers. Before I met my wife, I'd specifically go to the work Xmas do looking for a shag (often doing some spadework beforehand). If i went home alone, it was a disaster. Otherwise, what's the point? Wowsers.