Thursday, 18 December 2008


Ma and Pa are on the road again - they are heading North - now dad's not too fond of folks north of the Bombays. Just plain queer he reckons. So coming north getting close to folk that are a bit different can be a little challenging. They are travelling in a Motorhome that has seen out 15 years of travel, two engines and has its rubber footprint on just about every highway and byway in the South Island.

But coming across the ditch - on our good friends big Blue Bridge ferry, is a real adventure. They are staying with us on the block in the Wairarapa. We will talk, and we will eat and we will wander and occasionaly we might drink a bit. Dads birthday is on Boxing Day. He will be 74. If life was based on experience he would 347. He has lived many, many full lives. Mum's wisdom and common sense makes dad a better person and dad has given her a life that has been extraordinarly rich in , fun and laughter. So we, the son and heir prawn are anxiously awaiting their arrival on the day before Xmas. Ma and Pa were so keen to get here they left a day early. So they might do a bit of fishing on the way. Other vanners like to travel with Ma and Pa. One of them once said to me that he had more fun with Ma and Pa in one week than he had in ten years. They live of the land, a flounder here, a trout there, and they are so hospitable that they attract people like magnets so farmers and hunters will give them a bit of meat just, well just because they are good folk. And they always share their bounty.   So if you see a motorhome with lots of stuff packed on the roof, fishing gear off the back, and a sign saying bugsy's burrow on the front  - then give them a wave and they will give you a bit of kiwi back.

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