Thursday, 18 December 2008


While we agree with the need for a body to keep everyone in the commercial world on the straight and narrow - oppressive picky police state crap needs to be reigned in. Comcom's performance over the Shell fuel additive issue is woeful. It has taken ComCom two years to investigate the Shell fuel additive issue- meantime the Advertising Standards Authority chucks out a complaint by rival BP - ( funny that ) over the same issue - their inquiry takes less than a month and the venerable institution of consumer protection Fair Go gets AA to do a trial and finds that the claims that Shell makes about its fuel stack up. So why is ComCom spending tens of thousands of dollars investigating a complaint that everyone else has seen fit to dump?

Makes you wonder who made the complaint. And Why?
Now we are Blonde but even we get it.
Shell has made a bold move by stepping up and standing up for its product. Bloody good on the Dutchies we say - Go buy Shell.

And National needs to reign in CommComm chair Paula Rebstock. No more spurious nanny state crap.


Paul McBeth said...

Got to disagree with you here BB - you normally write a lot of good stuff, but reigning in Rebstock is not the right thing to do.
Sure, she might get a bee in her bonnet a bit much, and if the Dutchies are in the right, bully for them.
But taking away the teeth from the first decent ComCom chair in a long time ain't the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Shell's petrol is no different to any other New Zealand distributors. It all comes from the same place.

And I remember the days of Caltex Boron. Fuel additives were just as much bullshit then as they are now.

And Shell also expect us to believe that Formula 1 cars use the same fuel that we can buy at their pumps for our cars? Yeah right.

Frivolous advertising claims deserve sanction, and companies like Shell get off far too lightly when making them.

Anonymous said...

Whetu Chini: You are wrong. Additives make a difference, and different retailers use different additives. It does not all come from the same place: While a lot comes from NZRC, there is still a lot that is imported as refined petrol.

This is not the first time that Rebstock has stuffed it up. Her powers need to be reigned-in. Part of the problem with the electricity infrastructure is that a couple of lines companies are regulated such that their return is LESS THAN the rate of inflation. Ie. zero incentive to invest in anything.

Oh - and Royal Dutch Shell is an anglo-dutch company - an amalgamation of Shell transport and Trading (British) and Royal Dutch Petroleum.