Monday, 8 December 2008


Macdoctor knows his shit. He has done a wonderful analysis of one of the reasons why ACC is costing so much . Whale oil reckons we are a nation of sooks and need to harden up. Both are very right. Macdoctor reckons that ACC is treating a whole lot of stuff like sprained ankles that should not be treated. He is sooooo right.
And heres a starter for ten -
Do we need physiotherapists? Can we survive without them? Would people's injuries heal without their ministrations? Do they over treat? Are they just FeelGoods?
Yes to all the above.

Well way back in 1992( we did a bit of work then on the What ACC should really be providing) we reckoned that they were the closest thing to Snakeoil sellers we have in the medical system.

Its time that ACC was left to provide insurance for the big injuries and that NZ'ers get more responsible for the small stuff just like they do for non accident problems.

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Anonymous said...

How right you are BB, after spine surgery, my daughter nearly ended up on the operating table again due to an idiot physio who 'manipulated' the wrong way. Having suffered back problems on and off myself, I KNOW that basically, keep moving otherwise everything seizes up, and unless it's so serious that it needs surgical intervention physo's are wasted space. Simple sore backs, sciatica,slipped discs and the like although painful at the time usually come right themselves after a while.