Thursday, 4 December 2008


What is our bloody world coming too.
Poor old Rolf Harris gets a bollocking because he speaks the truth. He had apologised for the words "Let me abos go loose" from the song Tie Me Kangaroo Down during a social event but then according to the Sydney Morning Herald he let rip about aborigines by saying :

"You sit at home watching the television and you think to yourself, 'Get up off your arse and clean up the streets your bloody self, and why would you expect somebody to come in and clean up your garbage, which you've dumped everywhere', but then you have to think to yourself that it's a different attitude to life."

And then Press give him another hammering.

You see he is right. Aborigines, Maori, Europeans, indeed every culture has a responsibility to get on with life and make it better. We should not shy away from saying - could do better, could do more, we aren't impressed."

Australia has a woeful history of a thinly veiled apartheid when it comes to Aborigines. But now Aborigine are running out of reasons to blame everyone else for the rampant disfunctionality in their society.

So I'm with Rolf. Aussie still needs to get its shit together on the Aborigine issue but Aborigines also need to get their shit together - they are the only ones who can truly change their society and they must for the sake of their children. Hearing the hard facts may be unpalatable but then so is the slow genocide Aborigine are inflicting on their own people because they wont get off their arses and make their world a better place for their future generations.

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