Monday, 1 December 2008


We like Kiwiblog, have noted the Dominion Post Story on a big demand from government departments to do security checks on top level public service applicants in the wake of the Mary- Anne Thompson case.

We think that its a good move but we still wonder what checks the SIS did on Thompson. We like David Farrar had to undergo a security check which took six weeks to complete.
Mine was pretty bloody thorough. Evidently they seemed concerned that I might have been a Maori radical, a notion that was quickly extinguished by my referees.

Surely Thompson had to undergo a top secret clearance considering the type of information she dealt with during her time in and around the Beehive and government departments.

No doubt all these questions and more will be answered at Thompson's trial.


Anonymous said...

Ha - mine was done and the SIS sent around a couple of suits to talk to one of my referees who happened to be cleaning his firearms in the backyard at the time! They reported him to the police as a 'person of interest' obviously unaware that he was a policeman himself.

Anonymous said...

So, the NZSIS should spend its time ensuring that people don't lie on their CVs? Why? The SIS should test whether or not someone is a liar but that's not what's being proposed here. Shouldn't the SIS focus on stopping bad guys from fucking this country? Seems like a tremendous waste of their time to become CV vetters. Here's a about people hiring someone for a job check on the relevant details on a CV? Controversial, I know, but why burden the NZSIS with crap that the hiring organisation should be doing as a matter of course.