Friday, 5 December 2008


We have already blogged about how bad it is.

Whale Oil is
predicting that the motor vehicle account will offer up some more nasty shocks.

The normally mild mannered McDoctor is also outraged.

is disgusted and points out the ODT isnt impressed either

And KiwiBlog summarises whats happened so far.

There appears to be a real possibility of increased ACC levies wiping out any tax cuts.

As we have said - BB has been involved in looking at privatising ACC before - Bring back Melissa Clark Reynolds we say.


Anonymous said...

Please dear God not Melissa Clark Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

the normally mild-mannered MacDoctor

Heh. Thanks, BB, my wife laughed for hours...

Anonymous said...

"Melissa was recently chosen as one of only two New Zealanders, to train with Al Gore to present his updated Climate Project slideshow (as seen in the film 'An Inconvenient Truth') and is helping to spread his global warming messages to the masses. "

what Anonymous #1 said.

euminedes said...

bugger me - wondered what she was up to. She still had the concept right with Fusion.