Monday, 1 December 2008


We got free tickets to the Frost Nixon movie preview.

Director Ron Howard is a maestro of bringing high drama to the seemingly banal. Its a movie about politics, the media, flawed characters, and redemption . Frost was a presenter known for his command of the light interview. He knew how to work the media but his lack of true talent meant that 30 hours of interview were wallpaper artistically drawn by Nixon with Frost left to do nothing but stare at his adversary's handiwork.

But in a fleeting drunken moment Nixon let Frost feel his torment and left the way open for the interviewer to deliver a series of cutting verbal blows that left Nixon dazed, bleeding and finally showing some humility. It is one of the great moments of TV interviewing. Frost never came close to repeating anything so important or so expertly ever again. It is a movie of many layers but Ron Howard treatment, of what is a head to head battle of wills, is little short of artistic genius.

Rolling Stone
said this :

Frost/Nixon brings Peter Morgan's hit play to the screen, where you might not expect much cinematic flash in the sight of two white guys talking. Surprise: Director Ron Howard pulls it off in high style. Of course, one of the men is disgraced President Richard M. Nixon, and the other is British interviewer David Frost, who risked his reputation and his own money in 1977 to interrogate Tricky Dick on camera about the sins of Watergate and Cambodia. Michael Sheen is Frost to a tee. And Frank Langella gives the performance of a lifetime as Nixon — shrewd, sweaty, persecuted and, in Langella's bone-deep tour de force, a flawed man possessed of a humanity that belies his image. One of the year's best.

And thanks to Investigate mag for the tickets. The movie wont screen here until the 26 December.

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