Wednesday, 17 December 2008


well the journos are - its been a long intense stretch for the scribes since the election was called. It has been non stop. In all previous MMP elections there has been some faffing around while coalition deals have been sewn up.  Not this time  - Key was in had it sorted and then he was in like Flynn leaving the country gasping with his legislative programme that cemented in the promises made on the campaign trail. Now someone suggested to me today that the snitchy  headlines like this   indicate that the honeymoon is over. It is - The one thing that Key has not factored in is that the political journos are pooped - shagged , worn out. So we reckon that in the New Year the Nats have one of their legendary hoolies. There will be plenty of sponsors( we know where to get some scampi) Its time for some good will and some jolliness. Its far to late now and with a cold drink and a lie down over xmas may improve the humour or some of the nations watchers. But to really set the scene the first week back in the New Year political calendar should be marked with a really good old fashioned National Party.


Cactus Kate said...

Press obviously need to start shagging each other in order to get over their grumpiness. Perhaps working too hard has meant they have not had enough time for nooky.

Anonymous said...

They have no stamina for that either CK - worn out whimps,unlike we of the growing old disgracefully NZ super brigade so unloved by yourself, BB and Herr Sheppard. Winston even provided free off 'peak' travel to help us seek out our indulgences. That of course will enhance our longevity, and maybe beyond the demise of all 3 of you.

adamsmith1922 said...


As I noted as well but not with your eloquence I am afraid