Thursday 11 December 2008


Cactus kate and I are of the same mind. She reckons that the oldies need supervision when it comes to investments - I reckoned a while back that they also require supervison when it came to voting. So I agree with Cactus - come 65 and the aged P should be required to get permission before making any big decisions - voting and money at the top of the list.
We love our parents but a bit like women facing menopause, they make some dumb decisions so they need assistance. Its not like Cactus and me need their money - we have made our own - we just don't want to see our parent's hard earned dolleros swallowed by sharks.
My Ma and Pa played it safe and poked all their spare spondies in bloody bonus bonds and have been rewarded, they still have their money, and a bit , and have the thrill of going to the letter box and to check if they have a plain envelope that says they got a bit more . So that takes care of the lotto fixation. And at anytime they know their original investment is safe. I wont even try to talk about rates of return, NPV etc. Sadly I'm still working through the fact that my old man reckons that deep down Winston is still a good bastard.


Alan said...

Hey, I take exception to your comments. I have just turned 68, and am wealthy and successful. Last year at 67 I ran a marathon in under 3 hours.
I work out regularly and can still
bench press 137 kilo's. I am in
charge of my faculties and can make
decisions for myself. I don't need
my kids to tell me what to do, I can outdo them anytime.

Spaz said...

Gee you talk some shit!

I have a close mate who is 62 (nearly) with twice your IQ (and looks!)

And he knows EVERYTHING. He has not one finance company investment and holds only blue chip investments!

So, on behalf of JT, I say "get a life." It is stupid for dumb blonde to comment of issues well beyound her understanding!