Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Now we here at Roarprawn know a bit about jails - it was a few years back but we spent four years working in a medium security facility that had about 15 murders and about 40 sex offenders in segregation. At lot of them at that time were roomies.

So the news that the gov't is thinking about getting inmates to be housed two to a cell is bloody good . Now undoubtedly the prison officers union will screech long and loud about how dangerous this is but thats crap. There is no evidence that giving inmates a roomy is going to make them more violent. There are many people living in the community who do not have the luxury of their own room so why should it be considered necessary for prisoners to have their own room???

The move has been endorsed by the Sensible Sentencing Trust according to the NBR

Corrections Minister Judith Collins said in the interim National would house the extra inmates in existing prisons.

She said one possible solution was double bunking -- putting two prisoners in a cell -- The Dominion Post newspaper reported today.

She said she had received an assurance from Corrections Department chief executive Barry Matthews that the department would house extra prisoners within its existing infrastructure.

Double bunking has already been used in some prisons as inmate numbers exploded over the past three years, but the largest prison officer union, the Corrections Association, says it leads to increased violence among inmates, making prisons harder to manage.

Some justice groups say the potential increase in violent and sexual assaults make double bunking impractical and inhumane.

However, Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar today said double bunking was a good interim solution.

"We've got to get back to basics, where prison is a deterrent," he told NZPA.

"It's a place where people don't want to come back to. At present it seems to be a place people volunteer to go to."

Its a fantastic idea. Well done Judith. We like the cut of her jib.


Anonymous said...

Two sets of hands to pry bars, leverage basins off walls, rip beds from anchors. One person to distract while the other pounces on hapless officers. This all seems like a good idea?

Lucy said...

I did a contract working for Corrections HQ but I travelled around to quite a few of the prisons too.

Its not just the union that is against doubling up the whole place is so entrenched in the way that they do things that it will take a lot to change things.

My advice would be to get rid of the first three layers of managment and then you might have a chance.

euminedes said...

anon - thats bollocks. better administration and training for Prison officers and the chances of that happening are remote. In the event of riots all officers should be issued with tasers - that would slow em down.

sweetdisorder said...

Faaaark sake, when I first arrived in London (1999) I stayed in a hostel next to Hyde park for six months, lovely, but slept 8 to a room, 4 bunk beds and paid 65 pounds a week for the privilege, and that was winter rates!!!! Between bunks, packs and people there wasn't much room to move. But..........everyone got on like a house on fire. People came and people went, everyone tolerated and embraced other people and cultures. Sure, some people needed to be educated, but always with love.

But, every night was party night, a new friend(s) was only a room away and cheap spanish white w(h)ine was only 1.99 pound a bottle.