Wednesday, 10 December 2008


We refuse to publish the full speech of this tosser but there are some bits that are worthy of some publicity to ensure if nothing else , some New Zealanders have a bloody good laugh today. Not a titter or a wee giggle but a full on belly laugh.So heres to Christchurch-based Green Party list MP Dr Kennedy Graham, who was sworn-in to the 49th Parliament today , His bro is none other that former Minister of Justice Doug Graham.

Our human tenure on this Earth is still young. With some five millennia of political experience behind us, we stand on the shoulders of perhaps a hundred generations that have gone before, whose courage and sacrifice enable us to glimpse the future from the strategic heights where we stand today. Our generation looks back with gratitude, mindful of their accumulated trials and labour.

Yet as we turn to the future, we glimpse the unprecedented challenges that lie ahead. For ours is the first generation to confront problems of a planetary scale – daunting in their complexity, seemingly intractable in nature.

As our human numbers increase, our earth-share diminishes.

As our materialistic lifestyle expands, our ecological footprint grows ever larger. Humankind today, casting precaution to the wind, is recording an ecological overshoot beyond the planet’s carrying capacity, anthropogenically inducing climate change of unprecedented magnitude and alarming danger. We are drawing down on Earth’s natural resources, borrowing forward on the human heritage, irretrievably encroaching on our children’s right to inherit the Earth in a natural and sustainable state. It is the uniquely dubious fate of our generation to have broken the eternal promise of inter-generational justice.

We in New Zealand are part of the problem, not yet of the solution. Our individual ecological footprints are three times higher than the global average, our carbon emissions even higher. If we offer the world a national ecological surplus, it is not through prudent husbandry or modesty of habit on our part, but because we are simply few in number.


Anonymous said...

And we have to pay this person?

Anonymous said...

I thought Doug said he was the smart one!

Cactus Kate said...

Oh it's just awful.

Don't let this Graham near the public purse either.

wino said...

Oh hell another nutter...

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, I tied my girlfriend up on election day because she said she was going to vote for this pontificating garbage, but she escaped,