Thursday, 4 December 2008


Doc is full of dorks. they have a breeding colony of wekas on an island in Lake Wanaka
Heres the story from Stuff

A male weka lost his mate and got a bit stroppy with the breeding pairs that were left now instead of letting nature taking its course and letting the best weka win, DOC take the kin pin and put him somewhere far far away - only trouble is he takes 10 days to travel two kilometres across the lake and two kilometres across a peninsula before a sprints down a spit then swims to his old island.

According to STUFF - he then


laid siege to the aviary where the females were, and thwarted by the fence, created havoc by incessantly pacing and calling out.

DOC staff recaptured him and quarantined him on the island, with plans to relocate him to another colony on Wawahi Waka/Pigeon Island on Lake Wakatipu. There they hope he can be paired with a female."

How bloody daft - if he is that strong and determined and smart they should have let him stay and win over the love of one of the girly weka. Its all about survival of the fittest.

It appears that the social engineering hallmark of the Labur govt has permeated DOC.

That's sad.

We also come from the Roger Beattie school of common sense - we should be breeding these buggers to eat. They are yum. If they are commercial they will have a value and never die out.

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