Wednesday, 3 December 2008


While we were aware that Rodneys famous Yellow jacket was a fashion crime it appears that the police are investigating if its also a election crime as well.

Shit haven't the police got a few P labs, a rapist or two and some murderers to sort?

what a complete and utter waste of money.


homepaddock said...

And if it's a crime why isn't a bathing suit with the Green logo?

Swimming said...

Also, 68 (1) of the EFA says that no payment must be made to any elector on the account of the exhibition of any election advertisement. Hide paidfor his jacket - his election advertisement according to the Electoral Commission - and according to S68(2), this means both Hide and the person who made Hide the jacket could be guilty of an illegal practice due to the payment made.

Oops. The Electoral Commission missed that one.

Madeleine said...

Have you seen the election attire of the Epsom candidate for Labour on our blog?

One could seriously have some fun with this.