Thursday, 4 December 2008


Yip I have it . It is debilitating. A mate threatened to chuck it into the harbour at Dockside at lunch the other day. I was saved by the fella next to me, also a crackberry addict who defended my right to use my blackberry where ever and whenever I wanted. Yesterday the unthinkable happened. My emails stopped coming in. They were on my computer but they weren't going to my blackberry.

Phoned Telecom- they said it was my email providers fault. - I use Freeparking / Webfarm. It was 8pm. No joy in raising anyone. Funny thing is I could send emails from my Blackberry and they were going to my email account its just that they weren't going to my blackberry.

I didn't sleep well . I woke up on the hour every hour checking one my one eyed black best friend , to see if by chance it had recovered.
6am this morning as I lay staring at my crackberry I saw the sweet soft seductive flash of red that indicated incoming messages after 14 hours of nothingness.
82 of the wonderful little snippets of information I thirst for every minute of the day waited for me. I felt a lovely warm sensation seep into my bones. I picked up my blackberry and gave it a loving stroke and waited patiently for the soft red flash to signal my next fix.
How fucked is that.


Anonymous said...

Humans used to live in pods and sang and whistled and clicked at each other all day long, and that survival feature of evolution never changed throughout the ages.
Today, we keep in close contact with our pod by a variety of electronic means -- so what's wrong with that? why is that seen as a problem? and who decides? I don't know who's on the comittee that's making these pronouncements, but for my money, they can all piss off!!!!!

euminedes said...

nice to know there is more than just me with a one eyed black best friend lafemme!

Anonymous said...

In future just use your Blackberry browser to access your webmail functionality.

euminedes said...

anon - how the hell do you do that? and its done the same thing again - ground hog day

Anonymous said...

BB - this may be a bit difficult to explain in a comment but I'll give it a go.

When you're away from you computer and using someone elses, have you ever used webmail? It's basically checking your email online - as you would with gmail. I've checked and freeparking/webfarm have a webmail service that you just log on to. My advice was to use your blackberry browser (what you use to view webpages on your phone) as you would any browser - just type in the website of your webmail service, fill in your details and check your email manually. Open up your browser and refresh the page whenever you want to check for new emails. It's slow and cumbersome, but it means you won't be without email access.

Alternatively (and this is what I did when I was having problems with my email host) you can set up a catchall emaila ccount and ask your hosting service to redirect the catchall to a gmail. That way you will have your normal email address as it is, but you'll also have all of its emails going to a gmail. Then set up your blackberry to receive emails from that gmail (keep this disabled until you need it thoughh) and you will be set to go.