Monday, 8 December 2008


The Australian is reporting that the number of kiwis shooting over the ditch for a bit of a break increased by 10% last month while there was drop in the number of visitors from other countries.

AUSTRALIA welcomed more than 16,000 fewer international tourists to its shores in October as the effects of the financial crisis begin to bite.

International travellers totalled 451,800 in October 2008, new Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show.

That compared with 468,700 for the same month last year.

The biggest slump was from Japanese tourists, with 12,600 fewer visiting - a drop of 27 per cent.

There were also fewer travellers from the US (4900), China (4900) and Korea (3000).

But 9400 more New Zealanders made the trip - an increase of nine per cent.

The figures also showed a slowing of Aussies holidaying abroad.

Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) executive director Olivia Wirth said the figures were no surprise, and only illustrated that the global financial crisis was already hitting hard.

She said New Zealand holidaymakers were the "shining light", spurred on by increased flights to Australia.

We here at Roarprawn think its undoubtedly because its the cheapest place to go for an overseas jaunt but the fact that many of us now have family across the Tassy also add to the attraction. And you can't discount the possibility that many people are also going on a look see to work out if they want to live there.

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