Tuesday, 7 October 2008


This is a shameful story and I am appalled how the authorities are handling it - they want to discuss the issue with the skinheads. They are the most loathesome of all the gangs and they are a gang - normally the lickspittles of the bigger white power biker based gangs but with all the creed that goes with this insidious culture.

Shame on you Southland for letting this happen to new migrants.

These people will help our economy grow - learn from them and respect them and treat them as you would your own...

This from the Southland Times

Complaints about foreign students being abused in the streets have prompted two Invercargill leaders to plan meetings with skinheads to discuss the problem.
Two Indian students had already decided to return home this year after they were abused by a carload of youths, Southern Institute of Technology chief executive Penny Simmonds said at a Venture Southland meeting yesterday.
Other Southland leaders cited instances of mothers being ignored at day care centres, 6-year-olds uttering racist remarks and migrants in rural areas feeling so isolated they visited the library simply to talk to someone.
SIT spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attracting foreign students to the region and acts of racism in the city were undermining its efforts, Ms Simmonds said. In a bid to tackle the problem, she and Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt were arranging meetings with Invercargill skinheads to discuss the issue.
Mr Shadbolt said a designated student area with a hostel needed to be established away from the central business district because anyone walking through the city at night faced the risk of being abused "even if you go out with a police patrol" .
"I'd hate to be wearing a turban walking up (the street in) Invercargill," he said.
Southland District Mayor Frana Cardno said she had heard of migrants going into early childhood centres and being ignored and cited an example of a 6-year-old coming out with a racist statement. Council chief executive Dave Adamson said some migrants in rural areas were so isolated the library was the only place they could speak to someone outside their immediate family. National MP Eric Roy said he had heard of skilled migrants leaving Southland because they felt threatened.

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Buggerlugs said...

i have an idea that will suit everyone apart from screaming lefty pinkos. Our army needs live training. Tell the skinheads there's a fight with some Asians in the main street of Gore, and voila, the army gets live firing practice and Southland gets rid of skinheads. easy.