Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Colin Espiner has put fresh legs on the Owen Glenn story this morning .
with this

Clark said last night there was no issue because no appointment had been made.

She revealed she had blocked the proposal because of the possibility that money was involved.

"For my part, once I had heard there had been a donation I didn't think it would be appropriate," she said.

A spokesman confirmed Clark had formally axed the proposal once Glenn told her when they met in February that he had donated money to Peters.

This is bloody outrageous - this information should have been put before the Privileges committee. It shows yet again that in the race for power Clark has lost every shred of integrity she ever had.

She is willing to have a corrupt, lying, creep in her Government just so she can continue to lead the country.

This story is not just about Winstons corruption, its now about Clarks murky, dishonest, self serving politics.


PM of NZ said...

ditto, Winston is but a mere pawn.

Anonymous said...

And Clark is lying again. We know because her lips moved.