Thursday, 30 October 2008


Bloody hell, Labour is definitely buggered now - the neutron bomb isn't even a fizzer.

They must feel like a terrorist whose bomb doesn't go off and they end up in prison for giving it a go.
In Labours case they end up on the opposition benches for three years.

It was a desperate play and desperately played. They media see it as such as so will the public of NZ.

Stuff sees it for what it was

As does NZHerald and the cynicism of presenters on TVNZ and TV3 is delicious to watch.

Its a cluster fuck for Labour and its all Mike Williams fault. He's a serious sleaze bag. Him and Winston are good for each other.

And Whale oil has a very interesting turn of developments but be warned it means you will have t0 -the standard that wanky little lefty blog.

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