Wednesday, 29 October 2008


The Herald reckons it has a news story that exposes Key in someway - It may be a very old history lesson - but that's about all - Key was about 26 at the time of the supposed " incidents" involving the H -fee issue of two decades ago.

And it appears his biggest crime is that he had lunch with a dodgy bugger who may have been part of the financial scam.

Funny isn't it, how Labour Party President Mike Williams with his fat cat salaries that must total - around $150k plus - has the time to try and dig a bit of mud on John Key - bloody hell Labour must be desperate.

So lets see how many dodgy buggers we have had lunch with over the years. And this list is by no means exhaustive.

Well when BB was a bit younger:

  • A couple of wandering husbands, names withheld to protect their children.
  • Two bent coppers.
  • John Tamihere
  • The bloke who used to distrubute the drugs for Mr Suburban the mate of Mr Asia.
  • A high profile trade unionist who got into a bit of shit in Russia who made Bill Anderson and Sonya Davies very grumpy and who was also a very very close friend of Annette King.
  • Winston - often, and he never paid and we have the receipts to prove it.
  • Johnny Glozier - with Winston at Nicolinis.
  • Vela, Talley, - not dodgy but they are bloody cunning.
  • At least three gang leaders , one black power, one mongrel mob and a couple of white power crime bosses including one called Nigger Joe.
  • On Friday nights at the Wellesley Club we used to have a few beers and dinner with the odd struck off lawyer or two. ( names withheld to ensure we still get good legal advice for nothing.)
  • A murderer or two. - Long story - crimes of passion.
So if having lunch with a few interesting people from time to time is a crime - then string me and thousands of other New Zealanders up on the nearest tree.


Anonymous said...

My word, BustedBlonde, you are more interesting than I thought!

But we are being told the really serious and vital question is, can we the voters trust you and JK unless you kept all the receipts and can prove exactly who you had lunch with and where on 31 August 1988?
And what about Bill English? Gerry Brownlee?
Where did they have lunch and with whom on that important day?
What about Helen, for that matter?
And Joe the Plumber your average voter - what about him? Was he even born? Does he really care?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, didn't Labour once think Jenny Shipley having lunch was evidence of a serious case of corruption?

Is there a pattern here?

Wouldn't be linked to some planned new Green policy banning eating out to improve our diet, would it?


BB, having dined with so many dodgy people, are you sure you are not a member of the Liarbour First Axis?

tina said...

well at least is a former labour MP , one is a current member of the axis, one is a former trade unionist and former labour candidate. but no - I'm blue or sometimes bluish with a yellow border.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting resume!
I'm seriously impressed:)

Anonymous said...

Now now BB, Poneke says we don't have 'bent coppers' in this country...

Of course not, and I have a big bridge in Sydney to sell if anyone is interested...

Anonymous said...

A bit late on this but bloody hell. You don't mean that Annette King and Mr/Mrs/Ms XX were "very very close friends"? Surely not, not our upright Annette, she wouldn't, would she? .... hell I can't believe it. Hmmmmm unless of course it only happened on the night of a full moon.

Will she be now damned as a philanderer, what does Mr King know about it? what does Mr King think about it? or is/was he too busy doping dodgy deals at the HBDHB and doesn't really give a shit?

So much we need to know ... in the interests of public transparency of course you understand. Think I need a cuppa and a little lie down while breathing carefully into a brown paper bag.