Wednesday, 22 October 2008


We here at the Prawn like Lockwood, but today he is a national disgrace.

From Stuff

National MP Lockwood Smith has talked himself into trouble, saying Asians have small hands that make them more productive and Pacific workers need to be taught to use toilets and showers
Key must sack him as Immigration spokesman immediately. His actions cannot be defended and NZ immigration policy cannot be set by the size of peoples hands. And his comments about Pacific Island workers are quite frankly appalling. We are ashamed.

Key must show decisiveness and indeed a measure of ruthlessness and stand him down now. This will contrast his leadership with that of Clark who has stood around with her finger up her arse as Peters antics destroy our international reputation.

And there is a bonus for Key if he shows his mettle and sidelines Lockwood, it will give him a chance to put some new blood on the front benches.


gomango said...

Yes. National would be far saner if Williamson, McCully, Lockwood Smith, Nick Smith all took a permanent sabbatical.

They have way better options.

Key's will have no problem giving those four important cabinet rankings of 19,20,21 and 22.

They arent multiple term men.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - Lockwood Smith should go.

As you say decisive action will show a stark contrast between himself and Clark if he does. He also has the luxury of some very capable MP's sitting on the Bankbenches who would make very good ministers. Something very lacking with Labour.

Anonymous said...

Any uproar says more about the professional victims and their boosters than it does about Smith.


Spaz said...

Your correspondent, gomango, must be in parliament!
I know all the dorks, but in one sentence he identified the four very weak links in the National back bench.
Since Williamson and McCully walked the corridors in the 1970's they have never grown an inch! McCully even got into the stratosphere "advising" the unadvisable Don!
But they are all losers and the sooner Key flexes his muscles the better.

A tearless farewell!

Anonymous said...

I have listened to the comments on Stuff and Lockwood should not be copping flak for them.
Many haircuts ago I spent a summer on my whanaus farm on the West Coast. The youngest cuzzies had never used a flush toilet. they had to be taught how to. My how times have changed.
My paws are larger than many and I can't do some of the intricate stuff. I don't get offended.
Then Uncle Hulun tells us that if paw size was a criteria for a picking job no men would get them.
Going on her cabinet she wouldn't know a man if she tripped over one so I will concede she is speaking from ignorance of the facts.

backin15 said...

I agree. I don't think Lockwood's necessarily racist, but it's a racist comment he's made. The RSE scheme was developed to help out employers who're not able or prepared to pay wages sufficient to get domestic workers. The fact that people from the Islands will says something about their relative poverty - the remittance economy globally is estimated to be worth something like $4 - $5 billion US. Australia is going to copy the RSE scheme... I have serious reservations.... BUT, bagging people who're over doing the work your citizens won't... appalling!

Anonymous said...

Lockwood's remarks reflect those that have been made by the industry (in which I have a significant investment) for the past couple of years. If people are strangers to electricity and hot running water in their homeland it is arrogant of us to expect them to be familiar with them here, They do need training, and we mustn't back away from that. But L-Smith, McCully, N. Smith and Williamson should certainly be backbenchers in an incoming National Government.

Anonymous said...

Racist my black arse. Facts are facts. Asians have small hands, and some of our Pacific cussies are just plain paru when it comes to hygiene. So are some of the home grown variety as well.

Anonymous said...

Well I am a Pacific Islander, and when I first heard of Dr Smith's comments I was offended, I mean who wouldn't be if you were told that you need to be toilet-trainned and shown how to use the shower.

However, after seeing that Lockwood was merely repeating what the employers were saying and that it was taken out of context, I think that we are angry at the wrong person, tho Lockwood should of had choosen better wording and thought first before he spoke - of course it would cause controversy if he were to say such things.