Monday, 27 October 2008


Dining prawn has some observations on Wellingtons Eateries and some rugby gossip.

While you all were sunning on a magic Labour Day, some of us were working
–on the road, so to speak. Firstly there was the essential visit to Wellington’s infamous Dockside Restaurant. Shit, shock, horror, probe! Not openThe country’s leading sunshine eating house was in unoccupied shadow. There have been rumours for weeks, few patrons, fish and chips at $37 and lately the offer of half price wines in the afternoons.
A shock ran through the Wellington restaurant scene after the demise of Copita!
But it was just for one day. But it was a day which in recent years, would have meant a week’s turnover in most capital restaurants.
But not to bother, Shed 5 was open and the whimsical Chicago Bar was bursting with diners.
So too was the eventual destination, the Red Dragon in Tory Street. The tables were over populated with Wellington’s Asian population and the 30 staff were all wired up for sound and response. Must be a dollar or two in noodles!
Talking of noodles the Big Thumb in the Courtenay Place area is also booming. Late
last week they hosted a private luncheon which featured an odd trio. With
Ranfurly Shield was Jamie Joseph and race caller Des Coppins. It appeared
they took their own kai, cray and muscles for the occasion.

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