Monday, 27 October 2008


I agree with lots of what was said by almost everyone tonight except for Winston -

Its all feel good - hot button issue stuff.

But the idea of a government with the Creep Winston, the Greens, and Anderton and the Maori Party tagging along with Helen is appalling - they could not work together.. The Labour - Hydra is a cluster fuck.

We need stability - we need focus on the big issues that are facing this nation in a world that is tettering on shifting sand. So we cannot have a government that is reliant on giving in to some needy minor parties who want a goody bag of inconsequential and take us no where policies.

That being said - Tariana Turia is sha;ping up to be the politician of the election - she is a very wily old biddy..

And she and Hone Key get on VERY well and among Maoridom her loathing of Helen Clark is legend.

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