Friday, 24 October 2008


The more we think about Winston giving money that wasn't his, to someone who really does deserve it - the angrier we get. We know Winston is a complete dirtbag. If he had any shred of decency - at the longest stretch, he could have given the money to Susan Couch and shut up. Then his magnanimity would have been about her.

Instead he goes public, telling the world about his largess with the taxpayers money, so the whole issue is about him. How very narcissistic.
Its about him convincing the public, that he is big hearted. Its all about Winston.
We remain convinced he is corrupt.
But in what we think will be the final twist, we reckon the public of New Zealand will judge Winston harshly over this donation to Couch. It is simply too cynical.
It is quite simply the ugliest, most manipulative political play that this country has probably ever seen. We think this is the bridge too far, for good and honest and true New Zealanders. Using a woman who has suffered so much, just to improve his status with the voters of New Zealand will , we believe, be the one thing that turns the tide of public sentiment.

Kiwis hate braggarts, they hate liars and they hate manipulators and Winston has shown he is undoubtedly the master of all these vices. The public of New Zealand are more sophisticated than Winston has given them credit for and they will punish him come November the 8, not for being a liar, nor a manipulating bastard but just for being an unmitigated creep.


Anonymous said...

BB, Luigi is not even good for the dogs to eat.
Just think of the paua,kina,cod cray, etc that arse hole has used makes it worse.

i am sending Susan C a cheque tomorrow for my little contribution.

Ligui is not even dog tucker

Anonymous said...

God I am in a state over the MSM giving this arse hole a free run.

Must go to bed and forget until am tomorrow.
Feck I guess I will spent this weekend trying to change the current bunch of pinko's

Anonymous said...

I have commented about this at Homepaddock and PMofNZ.

I have also make a very critical comment at Winston's blog in response to his brag post. Go read it before it is deleted by the moderator as I do not expect it to be posted even though it is spot on the money.

euminedes said...

yor comment has gone - i bet you werent the only one

Anonymous said...


It is still in (No) Comments.

You need to click on it to view unmoderated comments.

Seems I am the only commenter so far.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute - I have just been thinking about this.
Now its not possible this money is to pay the fees of Brian Henry for taking Susan's case is it?
So the taxpayer money refunded to a worthy charity becomes a source of income for the "blood brother"?
If so Susan doesn't get it at all - unless she wins the case against Corrections and gets compensation. Possibly a long shot given the lack of precedent.
Somebody should work this through and see if my suspicious mind is right ...

Anonymous said...

Jesus anonymous

You are a rocket scientist. Of course that is part of the bloody scandal in all this. Which is why I have been prepared to go hard on Winston (he will call it defamation of course) on his stupid pathetic blog.

The other part is Winston using poor old Susan Couch for political purposes.


Anonymous said...

My comments are still in moderation at Winnie's bullshit blog.

So in case (as I expect) they are deleted, here is the text:

"You slime.

This is disgusting on so many levels.

Firstly the donee is none other than your blood brother Brian Henry. Funds for the bros eh? He scratches your back and you scratch his back.

Secondly, how dare you take advantage of a poor sympathetic character like Susan Couch for political ends. A new low, even for you.

Thirdly, it is not NZ First’s money to just give away as it chooses. It does not discharge the moral obligation to repay Parliamentary Services.

I know this comment will not be published. But you can bet it will be repeated all over the political blogosphere by me."


Unknown said...

This is the same Winston who used the death of his own mother to tell the media he had just been "notified" that he had in fact received a donation.

And now he is prostituting Susan Couch's tragedy for his own personal political gain.

He is indefensible!

Anonymous said...

Some idle thoughts. If the trust set up Susan Crouch is a charitable trust, then it should be registered under the new Chartiable Trusts Act. I understand that there are some reporting requirments so it will be interesting to read those in the future.

Anonymous said...

"You are a rocket scientist."

OK, showmethetaxcut, a little slower than the average member of the VRWC perhaps, but at least I get there eventually.

Winston is counting on the VMOV (vast majority of voters) never making the connection at all ...

... and on the silly buggers at the Electoral Commission playing into his hands with their half baked press releases just before an election.

... and on the police highly unlikely to say a thing about their investigation before the election.

... and on a media largely either asleep at the wheel or deliberately biased (Fran O'Sullivan and a few others excused and applauded).

... and a National Party that thinks it can coast to victory without coming out on fire against all the corruption (damn, I'm starting to wonder now if Winston and Helen have something over them!)

Anonymous said...

Well done SMTTC - time you had your own blog I think.

I responded to the DomPost through the Stuff `send us your views' raising a few questions that they should also have included in their article.

Anonymous said...


As you know, I am a professional (unfortunately the same profession as Winston used to practice).

So I only get to do this on the weekends in earnest.