Tuesday, 28 October 2008


John Armstrong has a good column analysing National's performance this week and its a thumbs up.

He sees merit in the more centrist face that Key is presenting with announcements like the transitory package - which is a pay the basics insurance for those who find themselves unexpectedly out of work.

Armstrong rightly points out that this wont sit easy with some of the Nats drys but the reality is Key has tapped into a large and grumpy voter segment - the jobsters who are out there putting all they have into life but dont get much as a bent penny from the policies of the past.

Key looked relaxed this week - Clark on the other hand looks like a coiled spring.

We here at the prawn are expecting that Labour will try and bring out some dirt this week - Clark will probably get Winston to do it - he hinted at more dirt to come a couple of times recently.

And Clark will be positioning herself to look like a leader who has the answers to the growing economic tsunami that is about to wash over the country.

We also think that after the generally lack lustre mini minor leaders debate last night the focus will be squarely on the two leaders.


Anonymous said...

Ms Clark and Mr Cullen will wheel out a guarantee for inter-bank lending and claim that will be the saving of us all, when in fact it has been called for for some time.

Lindsay Addie said...

You're probably right BB about the Axis trying to smear Key, though I think that it's the last desperate futile attempt from a dying and failed regime to hold on to power.

euminedes said...

Hi Alex I actually blogged on this issue a day or so ago


And todays chaos wont help -

Anonymous said...

BB I didn't pick that up. The wife is complaining that i spend more time on the computer than i do with her or my sons so I had to make some adjustments. I'm at wor now so cyber slacking will return to it's usual levels.
I hope the MSM don't buy into the Clark/Cullen song and dance routine when they do it.

PM of NZ said...

'Labour will try and bring out some dirt this week'

Winnie was very blatant about events yet to occur more than once last night.