Tuesday, 28 October 2008


There was a TV3 poll tonight with 67% of those polled saying they agreed to Keys stand to say no to Winston being part of his government.

And he has reiterated his position yet again in the NBR today.

Thats what we need, a politician with a backbone integrity and principles. Not one who has no integrity and makes decisions based on a thirst for power aka Helen Clark.

And Key's decision looks even better in light of the Email revelations re Owen Glenn on TVNZ tonight. Its good to see that all media are hot on this issue with the story appearing all over the place. It shows the one thing we have all ( in blogland) been saying for a long time - Winston is corrupt and he is a liar.

BB just watched the tail end of an interview with Winston Peters and Oliver Driver on ALT TV.

He reckons there is an issue that will dent Key's integrity that is still to see the light of day.

It is going to be a dirty campaign

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Anonymous said...

And Duncan Gardner's piece on it was just the most shocking bit of journalism.