Tuesday, 21 October 2008


BB is the only one of the prawns who believes in the death penalty and the Bali bombers are perfect candidates .. they have tried to get the method of execution - by shooting, changed - they would rather be hanged or beheaded.

According to a story in the Australian =they appealed the way they were going to be executed because they reckoned it was torture -

No, sorry, torture is what the families of the survivors endure every day - so the sooner the better these buggers are done with the better .

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gomango said...

Absolutely, full agreement.

I was in Bali at the time for a rugby tournament. Spent the Sunday morning at denpasar hospital looking for missing colleagues. Not pretty.

The happiest to see this beach party happen, despite their religious persuasion I'd guess would be the Balinese themselves. In the aftermath one of the biggest fears was that the Balinese would have a pogrom against muslims. There was much talk of cleansing Bali etc.