Wednesday, 22 October 2008


We gave a heads up on the possibility that there were some ugly unemployment stats for Wellington a couple of weeks ago -

And today Stuff carried the bad news - there are a few empty chairs dotted around the office blocks these days - and more are expected.

But this was the really bad news of the day

The prawns have spent many a lingering lunch at Copita being well looked after by owner and expert sommelier Stephen Morris. Award winning chef Janet Grey was one of the best - elegant food with substance.

Our favourite dish was Arancini Balls - little smokey rice balls - that were unequalled anywhere in the Capital.

Janets expertise and passion in the kitchen is only matched by her knowledge and passion for rugby. We regulars are hoping she will pop up somewhere else in the city - we will follow her.

I remember seeing a certain Mr Meurant and a certain TV executive there in the middle of the scampi scandal. And my last evening drinks there was with some of the power brokers in Maoridom.

So Steve and Janet , thanks for the good times and good luck for the future. And yes, when you get back on your feet again we promise to keep the noise down....

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