Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Well bugger us, Clark says she would still have Winston in her government if she has one post November 8. Excellent - no morals, no integrity and we reckon kiwis will say no trust, no vote.

See here at Stuff

Sad Helen , sad because despite the fact we never admired your politics we have a grudging respect for your leadership. You made tough decisions about the people around you. You knew how to make the hard calls.

However we never realised just how much your desire to be PM has twisted your basic moral fibre. It is just plain sad.

You will never be remembered for the good things, you did you will just be remembered for cuddling up to a corrupt lying bastard to ensure you could keep the top job.

We reckon , Goff, King, and Lianne will be having a barbeque sometime this weekend.

They must be absolutely ashamed of you.

And as for Heather - we have always admired your amazing political skills but you too have been corrupted by being at the foot of the throne for too long. Time to go back to Southland and grow roses old girl.


Anonymous said...

Very well said BB.

As the rage, disgust and contempt for this venal bunch abates I find myself almost pitying them and how far they have fallen.

Spaz said...

The general criticism is so bloody basic!

Clark came in with a fierce (almost irrational) drive to do the best. Look after the worker; cigarettes are lethal, unionists are holy!

Then, sadly, someone showed her how these special interest groups can contribute to policy. She bit and swallowed the bait!

Now these groups decide on the "least possible backlash" and therefore form government policy. Helen is a slave to their advice.

So it is now time for Helen Clark to disappear off our horizon.
There are others with her former zeal!