Thursday, 23 October 2008


This story about up and coming golfer Danny Lee and his brush with airport security reminded me of a holiday I took a couple of years back with the parents.

We were all good -but I lectured the old boy on airport security and to take everything out of his pockets. He started yapping away to the security men and they were all joshing and having a bit of fun shooting the breeze.

He walks through the security arch and the buzzer goes off - and then he puts his hands in the air and says "so I suppose this is not a good time to say hijack" The silence was long and extremely loud.

I stepped forward grabbed his arm looked the security guy in the eye and said -" You will have to excuse my father he has Alzheimer's ," Dad looked like he was going to kill me and I pinched him really hard and I pushed him in front of me. Mum looked at the security guard and nodded.

The guards looked at each other with sickly smiles and said that's okay we understand...

We had a bloody brilliant holiday in OZ but the story gets an airing from time to time.

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