Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Queen Bee at the Hive points to some suspicious spending by Labour leading up to the election - someone needs to put a counter on the spending - we reckon its got to be adding up to a tidy sum.

We want some more answers over the lightbulb scandal and we think that the pledgegate book bribe for oldies should be withdrawn.

We want to know if the public is happy for up to$10 milllion on a public lightbulb re-education programme - or if they would want the money spent on a few more courses of Herceptin.?

We think it is a no brainer - saving the lives of women or a social engineering programme to get you to change a lightbulb.

Hooton is on Tv3 Sunrise talking about Pledgegate - and arch lefty Matt McCarten agrees with Hooton -pledgegate is a disgrace. The left will note this - expect the booklet to be withdrawn by the end of today.

And Maurice comes in for some stick - goood - he needs more stick.

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Anonymous said...

Too late for the pledgegate booklet to be withdrawn. the pinkos have handed them all out. scumbag thieving bastards.