Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Key today unveiled a strategy which will give us a sharper focus on international tourism and trade

"I will ensure that all our international agencies, be they Tourism New Zealand, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, all work more closely together, effectively as the external arm of "NZ Inc'.

"I will be seeking a strong cross-agency focus on marketing New Zealand in all the major markets we operate in.
"A National Government will also work to maximise the brand benefit New Zealand can draw from hosting Rugby World Cup 2011. We will work with the organisers to ensure the success of the event as a fantastic opportunity to showcase New Zealand.

"The gloss has been coming off our tourism numbers in recent times as the world economy enters a recession. We are going to have to work a lot smarter, all of us, to keep the numbers up, and more importantly to maximise the economic return New Zealand gets from tourism and trade.

Nice .... finally a vision.

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Bobwilliams said...

Tourism is a major economic driver in regional New Zealand, distributing benefits widely, providing employment and improved earnings for regional businesses. New Zealand's unique natural environment is a core component of its tourism value and appeal. Preserving and enhancing New Zealand's environment are goals consistent with, and necessary for, the continued success of tourism. To develop more tourism government should focus in this line and make some advantages to the public.
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