Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Tariana has accepted Lockwood Smiths apology. Thats good enough for us. We were very pissed off when we heard what Lockwood had said this morning and called for his sacking. He got a serious bollocking from Key. We were still really angry - then we listened very closely to the tape and we were a little less angry. His comments were daft and we suspect that he may not be on the front bench for much longer.

Then we read Tariana Turias 's comments and she , like us was angry but she was prepared to accept an apology. Her comments are on Stuff

She was pleased that Mr Key did not condone the remarks and that Dr Smith apologised.

"If National didn't require an apology it would have affected us in the future."

Mrs Turia said Dr Smith should not be immigration minister if National won the election.

"Definitely not because what he's shown is he has a particular attitude towards a group of people."

We think if anyone was going to give us a measure of the offensiveness of these remarks it is the co-leader of the Maori party. She is a gracious women and we commend her for accepting Lockwoods apology. We will too.

But this incident must mean that Key has very good grounds for a refresh of the front benches to better reflect the depth of talent that exists in the party.

The country is looking for a better future and to deliver that Key must stack the front benches with his best talent.

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Alan said...

What utter bullshit. Of course
Lockwood-Smith is a 'dork' but
he was doing nothing more than
telling the truth. I think the
Hive has it right. Maurice
Williamson is also a 'wanker' never
achieved much in his years in
Parliament. He was probably telling the truth about road tolls
and what will eventuate.