Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Oh lordy, The Tamaki boy wants to create his own sanctum in South Auckland - a city within a city. We saw this story on TV3 tonight and now its on Stuff.

From Stuff

The church was three weeks away from securing a eight-hectare plot "in the heart" of South Auckland, TV3 News reported.

Plans for the city include a 5000-seat church, maraes, medical centres and schools -- eliminating the need for residents to ever leave.

"Every child of every member of this church will never go to a state school again," Mr Tamaki said.

He urged the church's 7000-plus members to sell their homes and move to his city "for the purpose of God".

Excellent - the idea of all these extreme god botherers who preach intolerance being walled off from the rest of the world is bloody fantastic. Enough of this vile man masquerading as a messenger of God . What utter bullshit. He leads a perverted cult out to make money from desperate needy people.

So i propose everyone else in NZ should buy a brick or a roll of razor wire to ensure the buggers never get out.

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