Sunday, 26 October 2008


We have just been watching Agenda with ProfWiniata of the Maori party.

I think that it is time the Maori party leaders gave a stern message to its constituents.

If they are the King makers on the day after the election they may not have much time to fuck around having heaps of bloody huis. The financial crisis may be that great that any lengthy hui - ing is not going to be good for the country.
It is time that the Maori party has realised that by being elected they have the mandate to make decisions on behalf of their people.

And it is time for Maori to return to some of the strengths of their culture - the considered but pragmatic approach they had to fighting battles. And its that core element of Maori society that will be needed to get us through the financial mire we are facing.

If they tarry, the biggest losers will be their own constituents.


Cactus Kate said...

Name me one Maori Party member who will have any idea about the "financial crisis"?

Jesus I would rather Dr (I can't write scripts) Cullen made decisions than these drop-kicks.

If NZ's future depends on the Maori Party analysing then NZ is stuffed.


I see your point Cactus
But I see a spell in government as a great education for the Maori Party.
So they need decent educators like ACT and National rather than Liarbour.
I am sure once the Moari Party see some of the realities of life, they will lose some of their wilder excesses.

Cactus Kate said...

Well the same goes for the Greens.

Seriously - imagine if it all comes down to the Greens and the Maori understanding of the "financial crisis"?

Ford Nucleon said...

Kate – that may be true, but I think the point here is that they should go with the parties that have the better credentials to steer NZ a smooth path through the mess rather than attempt to solve it on their own. BB is saying only that they shouldn’t muck around in deciding which party that is, and then make some tough and possibly unpopular decisions if necessary. My read is that they want their people to enjoy a higher standard of living and greater economic emancipation rather than continue being defined as an underclass by welfarism. Their choice should be pretty obvious.

gomango said...

I'm a big fan of the Maori Party - I particulalry like the integrity of Sharples, Turia and yes even Hone(attacked the EFA better than anyone).

But I've got to say, watching Prof Winiata on Agenda yesterday made my brain ache. Again and again he lauded the quality of speechmaking by maori MPS as their finest achievement.

What the MP's rank and file need to understand is that u dont make peace with yor friends, you make peace with your enemies. Same with concessions - they will extract far more from National than labour because the proof of policy gains they need to keep their supporters happy must be greater from National than from labour. Its amazing the bond Maori have with Labour. MAori have been patronised, lied to and patted on the head consistently by Labour. Yet the biggest coup ever for maori came from Doug Graham.

gomango said...

Actually, after I wrote that last comment I realised the Maori Party is prbably just playing a really smart strategy. They know they'll extract more from a Natioanal led govermentmet but if they scare their punters too much, the party vote in the Maori electorates the Maori Party are likely to get willmove deamatically form the Maori Party to Labour.