Thursday, 23 October 2008


A clue why the public accounts are in deficit for the next ten years and 18 billion of your taxes was wasted over the last seven years.

This is the increase in staff numbers by some major Government Departments over the last 7 years .
Oh and by the way there was no increase in output or improvement in quality of output.

Ministry of Education


906 in Wellington

1224 nationwide


1460 in Wellington

3675 nationwide


1899 in Wellington

5553 nationwide


1998 in Wellington

5756 nationwide


2202 in Wellington

5907 nationwide

Ministry of Health


834 in Wellington

911 nationwide


1202 in Wellington

1673 nationwide


1641 in Wellington

2204 nationwide


1958 in Wellington

3545 nationwide


2265 in Wellington

2595 nationwide

Department of Corrections


1425 in Wellington

7698 nationwide


1822 in Wellington

8595 nationwide


2208 in Wellington

9435 nationwide


2600 in Wellington

11,294 nationwide


2723 in Wellington

12,877 nationwide

Ministry of Justice


345 in Wellington

345 nationwide


373 in Wellington

380 nationwide


1817 in Wellington

4819 nationwide


2199 in Wellington

5606 nationwide


3468 in Wellington

5833 nationwide

Source: State Services Commission (figures include fulltime equivalent staff).

We thought it was bad but this is REALLY bad.

Our thanks to the spaz , and the old tazzy devil


Anonymous said...

Don't forget courts and justice merged during this period which accounts, in part for the big increase there.
still the other increases are astonishing.

Anonymous said...

Just the tip of the iceberg!

in 2002 the New Zealand Food Safety Authority needed just five "policy analysts". Rumour is that they now have over 200!

That's GROWTH!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse a poor ignorant old fella from the provinces, but what exactly does a "Policy Analyst" do?
Is this another term for "Shiny Arse"?

Anonymous said...

Excuse a poor ignorant old fella from the provinces, but what exactly does a "Policy Analyst" do?

Produce reports that are not read - that's in addition to the usual burocrat habits of scratching bits of anatomy, taking coffee breaks, having meetings, arriving late and leaving early, surfing the net, doing one's personal emails, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Pique Oil

My understanding is:
There are some who decide what reports should be written (Senior Policy Analysts),
Some who decide what font should be used (Senior policy advisors)
Some who decide how many pages the report should contain (Policy advisors)
Some who collect facts and figures from NZ Statistics (Policy analysts)
Some who write reports, (Junion Policy Analysts)
some who ensure the report is readable (Policy Editors)
some who read the reports that were written and edited (Policy investigators), and
some who file the reports (policy team administrators.
Then there are the others (POlicy Directors, Policy Managers, Policy Team Leaders) who make sure that the others know what they are doing.

As I understand it, the damand for these people is so high (an average day shows 100 vacancies on the Gov'ts job site with the word POLICY in them) that the basic qualification is a temerature of 37.7 and a regular expansion and compression of the chest.

Of course, this is just what I understand. The truth may be something to be concerned about!