Saturday, 25 October 2008


We knew that the Dominion Post was to break another story on Winston this week and this morning we get the full run down from NZ's best investigative reporter Phil Kitchin.

We posted on what a creep Winston was for stooping to such venal tactics . And this morning everyone in NZ who reads a paper or hears the TVNZ news will see that the money has been given to a trust associated with Brian Henry..

That is simply appalling - if Brian Henry is to retain any professional integrity he should say he wants nothing to do with any of the taxpayers cash.

We would willingly set up a separate fund for Susan couch for all New Zealanders to willingly donate to , money that she would get directly without her having to rely on Peters tainted cash.
In fact we see someone who commented on last nights post about this issue has already sent a cheque to Susan Couch.

But as we said last night we thing this is a bridge to far for most Kiwis and this most cynical of ploys by Winston will not be condoned by voters.


PM of NZ said...

100% in agreement - this is the ugliest side of NZ politics Kiwis will not tolerate. Have just posted on same matter.

gomango said...

I just posted this comment over at Kiwiblog:

the trust deed is online at

click on the link to “other registers”, select “charitable trusts”, use keyword search Susan and Couch

Trust was incorporated on September 10. Trustees are Brian Henry (Partner at Hesketh Henry, Grant Coburn (partner at Hesketh Henry), Dennis Gates (variously described in the media as Winnie’s personal lawyer, also the instructing solicitor to Hesketh Henry on various Peters related cases).

Standard trust deed language -trustees can do anything like with capital or interest as long as it doesnt conflict with the very vague objectives of the trust. Clause 4.2 specifically deals with the payment of fees nfor professional services provided by a trustee - plain english translation - anything goes. I’m not overly familiar with trusts - perhaps Cactus Kate might like to run her withering eye over this.

The shame of this structure is that the real victim - Susan Couch - is totally absent from anything to do with the running of this trust - apart from providing her name. Contrary to the piss weak story in the NZ Herald there is no role of Patron in the trust. All functioning of the trust is performed by the board which consists of the the three tightly linked trustees. There is no mention of Susan Couch in the trust deed nor a role for Patron. She has zero ability to influence the trust (in a legal sense). If she even wanted her name removed from the
Trust, the trustees could ignore that request.

Smells very much to me like a useful vehicle to disguise donors. beneficiaries and legal service payments.

Poor Susan Couch, her name should not be linked to this blatantly political structure.

Anonymous said...

Just Checking the Trust Deed.
Brian Henry is not a partner at Hesketh Henry, he is a barrister sole.
Also, I doubt that Hesketh Henry would put their name to rort.
Also the whole point of the Charities act is to prevent rorts by putting in place a system where a charity can have it's activities publicly searched.
You can bet your bottom dollar that this trust will be looked at regularly by the public and the authorities.

wino said...

How dare he use this woman to further his own political ends. I sincerely hope people do see through this.

Anonymous said...

What wino said.

Anonymous said...

My comments at Winston's blog have been deleted and there is just some nice supportive comment about the donation from some ignorant young thing.