Sunday, 19 October 2008


I watched Marae this morning and saw Tariana Turia talk about the future. She is clear the Maori Party will do the best for Maori. She is not closing the door to anyone and certainly not to National.
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This is what she said on Marae.

"If National was prepared to meet the aspirations of our people I can't see our people saying no, you wait in opposition for another term and we'll wait until Labour finally makes it back into government."

She said the Maori Party had to operate realistically within an MMP environment which might require it to work with a National or Labour-led government.

"We've got a responsibility to do something and that is what we are going to do," Mrs Turia said.

Meanwhile the Maori Party, based on four Marae DigiPolls has a major stranglehold on the four Maori seats it holds and is ahead on the party vote as well. That shows just how little Labour has done for Maori.

Labour may have arguably provided Maori with better targeted social services but they have done little to improve their economic development and this is where National's policies will help.

Tariana has already signalled its time to take the velvet gloves off and make the unemployed work for their government sponsored keep. Work for the dole is tough to deliver and up front can be expensive but in the long term it provides more self worth and work readiness among the ranks of the longer term unemployed, which is where Maori are disproportionally represented.

Gang numbers are on the rise again and that is always a sign of failed social welfare programmes and a lack of targeted and hard line policing. Maori will be the first and most prolific victims of any economic recession but if Tariana has her way she will line up with the party that ends up with the most votes on election day so that her party can help work out ways to minimise that impact. That party is National.

Tariana has again proved to be one of the most formidible and savvy politicians we have.


Inventory2 said...

Oi! You flogged my line!! I was going on about the MP knowing what side their rewana was buttered on a couple of weeks ago - but it's true anyway!

bustedblonde said...

bugger me the members of the VRWC must be on the same wavelength..

bustedblonde said...

and you didnt spell it right its rewena!