Sunday, 5 October 2008


Russel Norman, the thinking green womans organic crumpet, is partner to Anna Paquins sister Katya, who has a cancerous brain tumour.

Now thats just plain sad and this is a story no journalist could or would ignore - but the timing??? I'm more than a little cynicial.

Here in the Herald


Anonymous said...


A little cynical too.

They avoid the word cancer in the article. If you had a cancerous brain tumour you would either be dying, having chemo or about to have surgery with a good chance of then having chemo and radiotherapy and then probably dying.

Given she is well, is playing netball and having surgery.......some time in the future, I would suggest she has a benign tumour such as a meningioma.

The diagnosis would have been known for a long time and the outcome is universally good with surgery alone.

This would also explain the medication she is on i.e probably a small dose of steroid.

I suppose "Russel's girlfriend has a benign growth and will be fine", doesn't quite cut it though.

Anonymous said...

Actually having re read the article, it is possible it is cancerous (as opposed to benign), but not absolutely clear.

Why it is headline news, is still questionable